Beemster Boezem

Blonde ale

Before excess water is drained from the Beemster polder it is stored in the boezem, the reservoir where water is collected before flowing onwards. The water flows away through a system of canals: the so-called boezem-system. Our blond ale is an homage to this boezem. A beer with a heart of gold. Refreshing, slightly sweet and easy to drink. With hints of honey melon and apricot. The Beemster will surely stay dry, cheers to that!




 Saaz, Magnum, Simcoe, Hull melon and Citra


White IPA

Symon Ruys was Jan Adriaenszoon Leeghwater’s grandfather and a beer brewer in the 16th century. Situated in a small town called De Rijp he was probably already working on a nice dryhopped beer: at that time a technique used for its conservation purposes. Our Ruys is a refreshing and aromatic white ale with strong tropical fruity flavours. The IPA-bitter finish leaves us wanting more. Symon Ruys, this one’s for you.




 Cascade, Simcoe en El Dorado


Spring beer

You may know them, Daisy’s. Those are the flowers with a yellow heart and a white wreath around it. Sometimes the edges of the leaves turn red to purple. Meizoentje is the old folk name for daisy. These plants are well represented in the Land of Leeghwater! Daisy’s bloom all year round, but especially in May. The May month is kissed awake by the overwhelming bloom of May kisses, so the story goes. That explains the name Mei-zoentje (May-kiss). Not everyone knows that daisy’s are edible. You can taste them in Leeghwater’s Spring Beer.




 Aramis, Athanum, Cascade and Ella

Witte Wolff

Wheat beer

A refreshing WHEAT BEER with silky mouthfeel. Slightly spicy, creamy and aromatic. A surprising thirst quencher with notes of summer fruit.




 E.K. Goldings, Cascade, Nelson Sauvin en Hallertau Blanc

Rijper Liefde

American Red Ale

Rijper Liefde refers to the hemp mill “De Liefde” from the village of De Rijp in North Holland. De Rijp is located in the heart of the Land of Leeghwater and is the birthplace of Jan Adriaenszoon Leeghwater. De Liefde was built in the 16th century and burned down some 120 years later as a result of a heavy thunderstorm. Hemp fibers were used in the mill as a raw material for making cloths, ropes and fishing nets. De Liefde was part of the industry in De Rijp, and that at a time when the Land of Leeghwater could make good use of that love.




 Bramling Cross, Centennial, Exp. 43



He who doesn’t dare, who doesn’t win. This is also the case with our Waaghals (Daredevil). This new classic is pleasantly spicy and full of flavor. A sturdy triple that brings out a (hidden) daredevil in every drinker. Perhaps because of that tempting fruity aroma, perhaps because of that alcohol percentage of 8.8%. But hey, who doesn’t dare …




Saaz, Cascade


Bock beer

An ‘opper’ is a storage place for mowed, still moist grass. A long wooden pole is supported by sloping posts, where the grass is stacked against it to allow it to dry further. In our Opperbock, the wooden pole consists of rye, barley and wheat malt, supported by caramel and liquorice.
And unlike a real opper, this full beer with a slightly bitter finish does not have to dry up as far as we are concerned. The Opperbock embraces you, like the grass embraces the wooden poles. Because of this dark colored beer you only see the best of autumn.




 Hallertauer and Magnum


Winter Ale

An amber red WINTER ALE for winter evenings. Strong taste due to caramel malts, a Strohrum infusion and aging on rum chips.




 Saaz, East K. Goldings, Brewers Gold, Bramling Cross


It was 2012 when Hans, our head brewer decided to start brewing beer. Local beers, with a lot of hop and with inspiration from the area he drank his own first beer. Special beer with a stubborn character: low in alcohol, lots of flavour. Beer from the Land of Leeghwater.

This began somewhat amateuristic, as many hobbies do. Every guitar player remembers the blisters on their fingers from endless practice, every professional football player once tripped over the ball instead of kicking against it. Where others were perfecting their guitar play or football skills, Hans was goofing around with a big pan on a stove and a wooden spoon in hand.

Many beers later the recipes started to evolve. The beer got better with each brew and the technology and brewing installation improved along the way. The dreams became more realistic, the amount of barrels more impressive. A group of friends raised in the Land of Leeghwater became a devoted and strong entrepreneurial team drawing their inspiration from the Land of Leeghwater: the area, the technology, the nature and of course the water. A team that joined forces for one common goal: turning water into beer.

In the summer of 2017, Brouwerij Leeghwater officially became a BV (limited liability company). Innocent words and terms turned into lively product names. Names that define our heritage, our cultural background, our legacy. Labels were designed and a collaboration with the Jopen brewery in Haarlem was established where our recipes are now being brewed extensively.

Brouwerij Leeghwater produces beer that is brewed with attention to detail and a good dose of quirkiness (and hop!). And the best news is, as long as there’s water in the Land of Leeghwater we’ll continue to turn that water into craft beer. Enjoy!

Jan Adriaenszoon Leeghwater

In 1575, the man after whom we named our brewery, Jan Adriaenszoon Leeghwater, was born close to where our brewery is currently situated in a little town called De Rijp. Though his last name Leeghwater, wasn’t his name back then.

At that time, Leeghwater’s native soil, the polder landscape between the cities of Alkmaar, Purmerend, Haarlem and Amsterdam, consisted of peat meadows; vulnerable islands surrounded by water. Leeghwater’s vision was to connect these islands by creating more land. In fact, protecting ‘his’ island De Rijp against the threat of water became one of his goals in life.

In the first half of the 17th century, Leeghwater was closely involved as an engineer in draining the Beemster (1612), Purmer (1622), Heerhugowaard (1625), Wormer (1626), Schermer (1635) and Starnmeer (1643) lakes. For the first time in history, windmills were used to pump water out of lakes to create land. This is why the Beemsterpolder earned a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Jan Adriaenszoon Leeghwater turned high water into low water and the peat meadows into an agricultural landscape. Gradually, Leeghwater finished his Magnum Opus: the Land of Leeghwater.

Leeghwater already changed his name in 1605, even before the draining of the Beemster had begun. Before that he was called Jan Adriaenszoon. The surname ‘Leeghwater’ can be translated in English as ‘empty water’ or ‘low water’. As stubborn as he was, he probably thought he would succeed in creating the ‘Land of Leeghwater’. Turns out he was right.


  Zo 1 september 12.00-20.00

Center village Midden-Beemster

  Vr 22 februari 16.00-0.00
  Za 23 februari 13.00-0.00
  Zo 24 februari 13.00-20.00

Eusebiuskerk, Arnhem

  Zo 27 januari 16.00-19.00

Koemarkt 13-15, Purmerend

  Za 2 februari 16.00-19.00

Walingsdijk 4, Ursem

  Vr 22 februari 16.00-0.00
  Za 23 februari 13.00-0.00
  Zo 24 februari 13.00-20.00

Eusebiuskerk, Arnhem

  Zo 9 juni 12.00-23.00

Havenkwartier, Deventer

  Ma 22 april 12.00-15.00

Grotestraat 102, Goor

  Vr 21 juni 16.00-0.00
  Za 22 juni 13.00-0.00
  Zo 23 juni 13.00-20.00

Locatie volgt

  Vr 26 juni 16.00-0.00
  Za 27 juni 13.00-0.00
  Zo 28 juni 13.00-20.00

Locatie volgt


Hans Portrait


Director / head brewer / technician

Hans’ surname should have been ‘Brewer’. That’s how big his passion is for the yellow gold. He is ‘The Man behind Brouwerij Leeghwater’ and if it were up to this versatile genius, all the drained water from the Land of Leeghwater would have long been turned into craftbeer. Improvements in the recipe or brewing process? Hans is your go-to-guy, and thinks nothing of it.
Erik van der Hoff Portrait


Director / storyteller / visionary

The most creative and original ideas spring from Erik’s mind. They might occasionally be a bit too wild but that doesn’t make us less enthusiastic. In fact, Erik motivates our Crew to think big. We always listen because he knows how to tell a good story. This way he usually gets us on board, again.
Malou Portrait


Director / organizer /
law & communicationlover

Malou is one of those people who think: do something well, or don’t do it at all. All day long (and sometimes at night), she’s overseeing and taking care of the brewery. Her ideas hit you with light speed. And with beastly arguments and crystal clear language she convinces even the biggest sceptics. No wonder she’s the driving force behind our Crew.
Daniel Portrait


Multimedia designer / photoshopmagician / enthusiast

The way Daniel sees life, is the way we all want to see it. A go-getter with a capital G. There is nothing you can’t run by him, every idea gets a fair chance. And don’t worry; if he doesn’t agree with something, you will hear it. He’ll raise his hand when he wants to say something, which is nice.
Hannah Portrait


Writer / language purist (virtuoso) / companion animal

You rarely come across someone this creative and relaxed at the same time. Hannah spits out texts like a Land of Leeghwater-lama and she’s not afraid to state her opinion. And if you don’t listen, she’ll just write it down including metaphors, hyperboles and all kinds of other style figures. You could fill a book with those if you wanted to.
Bastiaan Portrait


Graphic designer / promotional materials / style sensitive

He’s handsome, isn’t he, Jan Adriaenszoon Leeghwater? Almost as handsome as Bastiaan, our god-of-graphic-design. This man makes the most stylish logos and other beautiful design materials. And apart from that, he is always there for us at every (ir)relevant meeting. With a grin that is more down to earth than anyone else’s in the North of Holland.
Joost Portrait


Event coordinator / assistant brewer / musicmastermind

Did you know that Joost means ‘party’ in Old West-Frisian? That’s not true, but it should have been. With groovy tunes playing on the background, Joost brews at his best and every event becomes a success because of him. The musicality flows through his veins, which coincidentally combines perfectly with Leeghwater beer.
Monique portrait


Marketing strategist / think tank / charmer

When Moniek looks at you with her big blue eyes, you’re already convinced. But then she reveals marketing plans that Facebook strategists would be jealous of. Small side note: she bombards you with questions first. But then you see her eyes again, eh.
Boris Portrait


Event coordinator / busybody / chatterer

With his happy chat and smooth talk, Boris knows how to get his way. It doesn’t matter if he arranges events or sales because he knows how to fix it. The best thing is that he isn’t annoying nor arrogant, he is just the way he is; sympathetic, sociable and will therefore gain a lot of goodwill.